Minor repairs to the castle and bakehouse had been carried out by the Department of the Environment in the 1980’s. However the building was in much need of greater repair and had been placed on the “buildings at risk” register by English Heritage.
In 2012,a major conservation project on the ruins of the castle began. The project was funded by English Heritage (now historic England) and Natural England under the higher level stewardship scheme. Contributions were also received from the owners, the Country Houses Foundation and a survey of the surrounding grounds was funded by the Castle Studies Trust.

The project involved the removal of vegetation from the castle which had become overgrown, and a great deal of consolidation work on the structure of the castle itself. Finally the moated area on which the castle stood was cleared of a great many trees and shrubs allowing the remains of the castle to be seen in the context of the moat. The project was completed in March 2016.

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  1. Good morning, please may I “book” to visit Wressle Caste on the Open Day Saturday 25th June as I am very interested in Historic Buildings? And this one, from what I have seen from the road-side, looks a peach. I am from Thorne (not very far away then) and indeed never knew that your Castle was there until recently when I was passing by in my 2CV attending a Camp at Breighton Ferry. Many thanks, David Eden.


    1. Hi David
      No need to book, just turn up on the 25 or 26 June between 11 & 4pm.
      If you look at the ‘visit’ section on the website there is a little more info. Apologies, the website is still a bit ‘work-in-progress’!


  2. Thank you for a very interesting visit to the castle.
    The info boards were clear and easily read.
    How kind that you have opened your property, a considerable thought, sharing such a historic and preserved castle
    Hope the Cubs done well, they were such a group of polite boys..
    We wish you all the best with the venture and thank you once again, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and to the church.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. David Eden says many thanks for letting us see such an important building, very much part of Yorkshire’s heritage. The display boards were equally informative detailing all the important visitors to Wressle in times gone by. Likewise the Victoria sandwich cake and cup of tea in the Village Hall were worthy refeshments of a wonderful morning amid idyllic countryside. Thanks again for everybody’s efforts to make this all happen.


  4. I would like to give you some feedback from the open weekend.
    … It was fantastic!
    I spoke to your husband during the course of the day, having explained that I have waited year’s to photograph Wressle Castle and that I run a small non-profit amateur photography group called Snap – Out and About.
    I also asked would it be possible to visit with the group to take photos, and asked to visit the website and run that past you.
    If we were allowed, I am sure the group would donate photos to you as a thank you.

    Hope to hear from you soon



  5. Just found the site on the net.I well remember visiting and working on the farm in the 50’s. We came from Hull Grammar school and worked alongside Robert and Zoe and billeted at the farm. I now live in Australia ,have done for 40 odd years marvellous how the site on net has brought back so many memories. Bob Marshall


  6. Hello Wressle Castle owners, Is it at all possible to bring a group of interested adults (up to 25) to visit Wressle Castle on a weekday, either a Tues or a Fri to suit you in the summer of 2019. We would of course be happy to contribute to the funds.I do understand if this is not possible.
    Kind regards
    Rose Horspool


  7. Hi,
    I was hoping to visit this weekend – I can see it is not an open day, but am I able to see the edge of the castle from the perimeter while sticking to boundaries?
    I have a strong connection to the Northumberlands!


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