EVENT 14 & 15 JULY On our July open days, Wressle Castle will be hosting a Military Living History event. We are taking you back to 1644, shortly after the fall of York to the Parliamentarians. A small Royalist garrison has taken refuge in the castle on its way to the Royalist strong hold of Newark (where, incidentally, there will be a larger battle re-enacted on the early May Bank Holiday). As is usually the case, the garrison is accompanied by its camp followers, artisans, cantineres and so on. So, you will have the opportunity to see Seventeenth Century cooking, eating (both upper and lower class), carpentry, baking, forging and medicine. You will also be able to learn how to wield a pike, wear armour, load and fire a musket, take part in Seventeenth drilling, and see how a cannon is loaded and fired. On occasion during the day, the Parliamentarian outpost that is situated south of the castle along the river, will attempt a sally on the castle outworks, and you may get to see a small-scale skirmish between the opposing forces.