Opening Dates 2017

Wressle Castle will be open to visit on the following dates…

   Saturday 17th June (11am-4pm)

   Sunday 18th June (11am-4pm)

   Saturday 15th July (11am-4pm)

   Sunday 16th July (11am-4pm) 

 There will be an opportunity to donate to a local charity in lieu of an admission charge.

You are advised to wear sturdy footwear as you will have to walk over a (grass) field to access the castle.



4 thoughts on “Opening Dates 2017

  1. I am hoping to visit the castle in July are there sign posts directing you to the castle through the field? Car park ?


  2. I am going to visit the castle on 15 or 16 July and I’m coming from Lincolnshire via Hull on the train. Do many of the trains stop at Wressle or do I have to get off at another stop and walk?
    Many thanks, Jean Almond


    1. Hi Jean
      You will have to double check, but I think there is a train arriving in Wressle from Hull at 1341 on the Saturday. If you are happy to stay until 1640 you can get back to Hull then. Obviously you will need to doublecheck these times. I’m not sure we have much in the way of refreshments on in the village for that weekend so it may be wise to bring some provisions! Toilets will be available in the Village Hall. It might be worth checking if you can get to Selby from your local station as we are only a short taxi ride from Selby and there are probably more trains there.


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