2 thoughts on “WRESSLE CASTLE

  1. Hi. My parents were great friends of Robert & Ruth Falkingham, as my Dad was an RAF intelligence officer stationed at RAF Pocklington, RAF Elvington & RAF Breighton during WW2.
    In the 1950s we went to visit Wressle a few times, & I have some photos (taken by my father) of myself, my brother Paul, Graham Falkingham, & my mother with Ruth Falkingham.
    I remember the castle, but i was told it was too dangerous to go in, & it was also very overgrown with trees & bushes etc. My mother once told me that she & Dad used to go up one of the towers (I don’t know which one) & watch the bombers flying over on their missions to Germany. They used to exchange Christmas cards, with a bit of news written in them, up until Ruth
    Falkingham died sometime in the 1990s. I often wondered how Graham was (I wonder if he remembers showing me how hens could fly from the top of the steps of the Long Barn!) & I think there was a girl called Zoe too, although I don’t recall seeing much of her.
    I think you’ve done a marvelous job on cleaning up the ruin, & how different it looks from when i remember it.
    If you, or any of the Falkingham family would like copies of the photos, perhaps you have a private email address I could send them to?
    Best wishes, Geoff Fitton.


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